Victorian Home Trade Show

As Vice President of the Victorian Alliance of San Francisco, I am very pleased to be a part of the first ever Victorian Home Trade Show.

My presentation will focus on one of the most difficult challenges of Victorian House design: Window Coverings. I hope to demonstrate how the important finishing aspects of proper draperies and shades can enhance your decor, while providing privacy and light control.

Many solutions will not obscure the decorative moldings so beloved in these interiors and actually tie the rooms scheme together. It is possible to combine layers of coverings to create desired effects throughout the day, such as lace curtains for filtered light control over a roman shade with blackout light control. Consider using decorative rods to support drapery and pelmets to achieve the ability to see around treatments to moldings.

Some interior designs dictate that more elaborate treatments are required such as swags and cascades or lambrequins with shaped drops. Don’t forget the tassels! Passementrie and trims go a long way to add texture, refined details and color to the custom treatments.