The 2019 Albany Vanguard Showhouse

click link below to read about the showhouse in The Times Union of Albany

Vanguard copper table

photo credit: Paul Buckowski

Historic Guilderland home transformed into Vanguard Showhouse Benefit for Albany Symphony returns with tours, special events By Joseph Dalton

Although none of the designers received credit in the article text, photos of our work are credited in the online version.

Roger K Reid Interior Design with princeHerman tackled the design of the Eleanor Roosevelt Suite. According to the home owner  who has done extensive research, Eleanor was a frequent guest in this suite of rooms when she would travel to this area as a personal friend of Marjorie Nott. The original core of the house, Norman Vale, was built in 1790. Subsequent additions doubled the size to its current gracious proportions.

The Design for this suite attempts to create a contemporary guest suite where Eleanor Roosevelt would feel comfortable visiting. Thus the room is furnished in a mix of classic items which would be familiar from her own gilded age homes, and thought provoking contemporary artwork to favor her intellectual fierceness.

When we were assigned the room for this show, there were some reach-in closets that had been superimposed on the space that had to be removed. Otherwise no significant alterations needed, WOO WOO! Budgetary concerns limited further alterations. Originally as designed entrance to the bath would be from the narrow door next to the fireplace, and a new door would be added to the left of the fireplace.  This would then allow the bathroom to be enlarged into space that is otherwise hallway cramping the existing bath, which is squeezed into a dormer. The bathroom was freshened up on minimal budget for paint, heavy-duty moisture tolerant wallpaper, and a new vanity sink.

The design pallet started with a hand printed Colefax and Fowler English Block Print Linen. The coordinating color is the Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral and subsequent fabrics were dyed to match.

Other highlights in the room include all original portraits of cats and Eleanor. A fire screen from a stained glass portrait of a tree on Mt Davidson in San Francisco. A copper lamp with a crocheted copper hood. And a copper and glass bead table lit from within by LED.



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