Roger K Reid Interior Design Since 2013

Apparently its been 6 years since We’ve worked on this site. And it hasn’t been for lack of activity.

Roger became president of the Victorian Alliance of San Francisco.

Roger was Production Designer for the movie, “Hush Up, Sweet Charlotte!”

Interior Design clients had projects in San Diego, Palm Springs, LA, San Francisco, Sonoma, Napa and Manilla, Philippines.

Roger attended The Victorian Society of America Preservation Summer School in Newport, Rhode Island.

For the Historic Albany Foundation, he hosted a Moveable Feast Dinner at the Masonic Lodge including the Mayor and other dignitaries.

Roger opened a new design headquarters in Albany, NY, but still working on projects in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And now has designed the Eleanor Roosevelt Suite at the Albany, NY Vanguard Showhouse benefitting the Albany Symphony Orchestra.

And so much more, but these are some quick highlights.

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